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2011 Mac Market Share

by Max Spiller last modified Mar 18, 2011 11:30 PM

Mac Market Share Around the World: USA 15%, Canada 14%, Australia 14%, and more

Mac OS X market share is growing nicely around the world with some pretty impressive numbers in North America, Oceania, and parts of Europe.

As a continent, North America takes the cake at 14.09%, which isn’t too surprising considering it is the home of Apple. Next up is Oceania (Australia & New Zealand) at 13.71%. Europe as a whole is at a somewhat low 6%, but looking at specific countries gives a very different picture; Switzerland tops off everywhere in the world with a 17.61% Mac market share, followed by Luxembourg with 15.79%, Iceland at 15.18%, Norway with 12.14%, and Denmark’s 11.71%.

Mac Market Share Chart

The entire Asian market share is a low 1.61%, but when you consider the continents tremendous population size that might not be as low in real numbers as it sounds. Evidence of that is in countries like Singapore, where the Mac market share is 10.69%.

Rounding out the list is Africa at 1.47% and South America at 1.08%, which are both a bit lower than I would expect.

This data was gathered by Pingdom (via 9to5Mac), who reminds us that “With the massive success of Apple products like the iPod, iPhone, and lately, the iPad, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Apple also sells personal computers.” This is certainly true, the Mac is often a side note when faced with the huge success of iOS hardware, but but there’s also a strong connection between Macs and iPhone, iPod, iPad sales. I know many people who have started off with an iPod, then bought an iPhone, and then bought a Mac, which is probably why Apple is growing in the PC world while their competitors shrink.


Source: MacOSX Daily






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