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The Lion Page

by Max Spiller last modified Aug 06, 2011 09:51 PM

The world’s most advanced desktop
operating system advances even further.

Available now from the Mac App Store for just $29.99

The starting point to a better computing experience

Mac OS X: The Lion roars with more than 250+ new features

When Apple brought out the current version of OS X, Snow Leopard, the changes were largely behind the scenes, and the most notable feature added was Microsoft Exchange support being integrated directly in the operating system. With Lion, most of the changes are upfront where users are better able to appreciate them. There are many new features, and the UI has been revamped.

One of the hallmarks of Lion is how Apple delivers evolutionary change that adds up to a revolutionary experience. It has taken many cues from iOS, the operating system used on the iPhone and iPad. Users of those two popular devices will feel very much at home with Lion. In fact, if you're partial to swiping to scroll and pinching to zoom in but you're a Mac desktop user, you might want to invest in an Apple Magic Trackpad to get the full Lion experience. Meanwhile, notebook users will discover that their trackpads have taken on new functionality.

Go here to see what's new.


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