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Favorite Links

by mspiller last modified Jun 15, 2010 04:35 PM

Web links to help Mac users

Mac News Links

MacSurfer Headline News - Best place to find the latests news on Mac.
MacCentral - Great place to find good Mac reviews etc.
Mac Daily News - News for Mac advocates. Great for learning how the Mac community
Macintosh New Network - Very good Mac news source
Mac Minute - Mac News in small bytes.
Macsimum News - Great Mac articles etc.
The Mac Observer - Great Mac articles, new, insigths etc.
O'Grady's Power Page - Moible Technology Destination
Mac/Slash - Mac news and discussion
Applelinks - Mac and iPod news and reviews
MacInTouch - Mac news, information, user reports, and more
Low End Mac - helping users get the most value from new & older Macs.
iLounge - is an independent resource for all things iPod, iTunes and beyond.
MacWindows - The Web site for Macintosh - Windows integration
MacWorld UK - England's MacWorld HQ
Apple Matters - A serious look at all things Apple.
Mac Review Zone - comprehensive index of all online hardware and software reviews
Mac 360 - Mac Reviews and Commentary
Roughly Drafted - Daniel Eran blog
Architosh - #1 Mac CAD/3D/AEC Website for architects, draftsman etc
My Mac - reviews and commentary
tuaw - the unofficial Apple Weblog
The Apple Core - ZD/Net Apple Column
Mac App - Mac App reviews
Mac's Only - blog
My Apple Menu - blog
Vintage Mac Museum - Cool site
Mac's vs PC's Info - Resource

Tech News Sources

Tech News Network - All things Tech News
Slash/Dot - The #1 Tech site
c|net - news, reviews etc.
Information Week - Tech News
E-Week - Award-winning print publication of news, analysis and technology enterprises
Ars Technica - Technology newsletter site
Daily Tech - Tech News
Tech Dirt - insight and analysis

Tech Magazines

Mac Tech - The Journal for Macintosh Technology
MacWorld - The Mac Experts
MacLife - Communicate and celebrate what Apple represents.
Mac Home - The ultimate magazine for the Macintosh consumer
Layers - The How-To Magazine for everything Adobe
BusinessWeek/byte of the apple - news and commentary on Apple
PC Magazine - in-depth reviews and accurate, repeatable testing from PC Magazine Labs
ComputerWorld - The tech newspaper for Corporate IT
PC World - claims to be the most widely-read computer magazine

Mac Tech Helps

Mac OS Hints - 10,000 hints, tips, helps and counting
MacUpDate - Mac Software Download Headquarters
Softepedia - Mac Software source
Mac Fix It - Troubleshooting solutions for the Mac - Famous software download site
Version Tracker - Find and rate software
Mac Driver Museum - Old Software Site

Mac Learning and Education

O'Reilly Mac Development Center - Mac developer site how-to articles
My First Mac - Great place for Mac newbie users and switchers - Great online training.
Teach Mac - Learning Center & You can contribute to the teaching

Places to buy Mac's and Mac stuff

Deal Mac - Find Mac deals here
Deals on the Web - Mac deals
Accelrate Your Mac - Mac deals and shopping site
PB/Central - Your notebook source
Jag's House - Used Mac site
System 6 Heaven - Parts etc for old Macs

Freeware & Shareware Sties

Thrift Mac - Fresh Freeware for the Mac

Mac Games

Inside Mac Games - Mac gaming news, reviews, features, articles etc.
Mac Gamer - Get in the game
ThriftMac - Top 10 Freeware Games on Mac

Mac Rumor Sites

9 to 5 Mac - Apple Intelligence

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