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by mspiller last modified Jun 15, 2010 04:07 PM

A Rich Text Format compatible with most text processors

Every version of the MacOS to ship for many years contained a small utility named NotePad. It was, unsuprisingly, a very good place to keep reminders and notes without having to keep track of numberous small files or clippings. When I installed Mac OS X with the intention of learning to program in Cocoa, I quickly realized that there was no such place to keep the kind of records or reminders that NotePad offered. Notes was started as a 'Hello World!' type project, through after several complete rewrites as I learned, became a serious project.

Some of the features offered by Notes:

  • Easy orgainisation of ideas, notes, and reminders.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • Full control of text font and size.
  • Advanced text editing features, Rulers, Kerning, Ligature, and Baseline.
  • Color Text.
  • Supports pictures and graphics.
  • Import notes from RTF, RTFd, and text.
  • Export notes to RTFd.
  • Notes can be re-ordered in the list through drag and drop, and categorized into folders.
  • Take Note system service, for quick and easy note taking.
  • Move To menu system, for ease in organization.
  • Search for text in any note.
Get you copy of notes here.

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